Sunday, 27 March 2011

Swifty is on my mind...

That candle holder is amazing! It's so "shabby chic" and I'm very accident prone, so safety with candles is always a good thing ;)
Love reading these! Vintage newspaper from charity shops

My lips are SO small.. 

Hahahaha this cracked me up. I adjusted the setting and it gave me red/orange hair... Had to put it in, I look ridiculous! 

I love this cute dress. I bought it for my sister for Christmas but it was too short for her... so me being a short ass got it yay :) It is from New Look.

So this weekend was mostly spent with Family!
Well actually it all was, starting with Friday where my cousin came round to stay the night. We had domino's pizza.. yum! And just chilled out really :)

Saturday I saw my sister, her boyfriend, my dad, and his girlfriend! Confused? Stay with me ;)
We went to my favourite Curry house to celebrate dad's birthday (which technically is Monday) and is my dad's favourite curry house too haha.
Then we were very traditional and played a board game, which was actually very fun! We watched a bit of T.V as well, but nothing too interesting.

Then today (sunday) we went for another meal, but this time we have a few extra people joining us, my dad's girlfriend (basically my step mum) daughter, so my step sister, her boyfriend, and their two children, Harry and Lily, who are bloody gorgeous!
Harry is only a few weeks old and Lily is 3 :) Lily call's me Auntie Fay :)

So all in all it's been a great weekend to be honest :) The weather was also really really nice.
Can't believe it's bloody 8:15! Hate it when the clocks change, confuses me no end haha.

Hope you had a lovely weekend aswell!
Cya soon!


  1. i agree about the whole 'clocks changing' thing - confuses me soo much!
    nice to hear youve had a good weekend :)
    nicola xxx

  2. I'm your 100th follower! yay :D and I love your blog! You take pictures so well. xxx

  3. Ooh such a cute dress! You're stunning! :)X

  4. Love that dress! Also love that album :D xxx

  5. woww what a cute dress! i love it
    you look like luna lovegood btw :)

    click ♡

  6. Hey lovely!
    I’ve just tagged you in a recent tag I posted.
    You can have a look at it here:
    Sorry if tags aren’t your thing I just thought you’d might like to give this a go!
    Roza <3

  7. lovely dress!