Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bonjour Paris!

On the 3rd of March, I woke up at 4am in the morning... quickly got ready and by 5am, was out the door heading to the airport :)
I LOVE flying on the plane, the take off is so exciting, I did film some video's on the plane but no photo's... but the video will be edited some day in the week so look out for that!
So we arrived in Paris around 11:00am, we checked in our hotel and then begun our adventure!
We were around a 20 minute walk from the Arc de Triomphe, which was incredible! It's massive and just out of this world!! The weather was amazing so it just made everything perfect, specially when we walked up the spirally stairs to the top... which was a total killer, my legs were shaking! The stairs were so high, when you looked down you could barely see the floor, it went into darkness! (I have photo evidence :P)

We then went down a street which was like London's Oxford street, they had designer shops, a sephora and H&M. I took a look with my sister, the H&M was so amazing, it looked really high end, everything was placed so nice and it looked really expensive :)

We then walked down to Notre Dame which again was amazing. We went in and this choir music was playing and everything was just breath taking, I even teared up :) There were little tea candles that you could light to remember a loved one that has passed, I lit one for my Nan :)

Then we were kinda lazy and grabbed some food from a supermarket, went into the the hotel room and ate the food and went to bed haha, we were so tired. My dad and sister were out like a light, but I stayed up and had a video chat to Shane :P

Next day, up at 7:00am (6:00am in the UK) and headed out to the Eiffel Tower. It just didn't look real, it was HUGE and the structure was incredible. I just stared in disbelief to be honest!
We walked up to the first floor and looked down at everyone, and looked across at buildings. It was lovely and warm and I was with my family, it was perrrfect people :P

Then we went vintage shopping and walked around a majorly cool area. I only bought 1 thing but it's soo nice, i'll show you later! ;)
I have lots of video clip's on the places I went to so hopefully you can get a better of understanding of what im blabbing on about :P

Then we went back to the Eiffel tower at night and watched it light up, it was so magical.
I loved every minute of Paris, all the sites, the people, the differences between London and Paris, the food and much more!
Love to go back with friends in the summer!
Hope you like the photo's!

Inside one of the many Vintage shops!

The view from the Arc De Triomphe

The sun bought out my freckles a lot... Yay! haha :P

How I wore my hair for most of the trip!

The buildings looked so cool, like distressed almost :)

Notre Dame <3

First thing I saw when I stepped off the bus into Paris ;)

The amazingly cool double deckler metro trains!

After seeing the letters "Fay" on the building, I saw the number 13 which is my favourite number for MANY reasons, I knew the trip would be amazing after seeing this.. and it was :)

Hope you liked this post, as I have said I will have a video uploaded where I will tell you all little stories and stuff :) I took hundreds of photo's but I had to select only a few for the post!
Hope you had/having a good weekend :)
Fay - xxx


  1. Cute post, lovely photos! :) X

  2. glad you had a good time!, and i love the jumper you got (twitpic) haha! When i went to paris i lit a candle for my uncle that passed away in 2004, it teared me up but it was such an amazing experience :)xxxx

  3. I went to Paris two months ago and it was amazing. I'm very glad you enjoyed it too. Paris is an incredible city, and your photos are really good. x

  4. amazing photos! and woah, the spiral stairs into darkness...looked extremely scary!
    awesome vintage shop!
    jealous you went to france! hopefully im going there soon this year (:
    Krissy xoxo

  5. photos are fab! love the view from the arc de triomphe one :) your hair looks very pretty too :D xxx

  6. looks amazing!i bet you were in your element with all the vintage shops! xxx

  7. wow! im so jealous! your photos look like so much fun!
    great blog

  8. what was the name of your hotel? looking to go to paris for my bday and this area looks lush! x