Sunday, 24 April 2011

Photography - Summer

So, basically for my photography project, I'm working on facial expressions and body language. I have taken photographs of different people, in different surroundings, to express different  personalities. For this photoshoot, I took photographs of Hannah (HannahSmith1994 on Youtube) as she has a very summery look about her, wavey blonde hair and she wears bright colours very well!
So I just took some photographs of her in a field, just very carefree and happy!
Hope you like the photos :) 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Marilyn Monroe

So, I have been looking at photograph's of Marilyn Monroe for my photography work. I found these really gorgeous, natural images of her and I just LOVE them!
It shows such a different side to Marilyn, away from Hollywood and all the glamour.

I found this comment on the photograph of Marilyn and the flower. It's so true.

The beauty of the art of photography is that she appears to be lost in nostalgia, as if she could remember what it was like to be a little girl. A simpler time, when there were no affairs with Presidents, no jumping out of cakes, no flashes of lights and big posters.

Perhaps she remembers a time when a single flower would have been enough to make her smile, but now, it only has the power to make her remember a time that's been lost.

So I know this is very random, but I thought you may like these photographs.
Also, I love Marilyn and wish celebrities/people could still be like her! Glamorous, classy, beautiful inside and out.
We didn't know much about her which I think created a more interesting atmosphere around her with was very intriguing. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Yo peeps ;)
This is my sister, Terri. (In the photos)
I really needed some photographs for my photography.. it wasn't a really serious photoshoot, just a little "TERRI LET ME TAKE YOUR PICTURE" hehe.
Just thought I would share because hopefully they kinda like energetic/glamorous.
Anyway let me know what you think :)
Sorry this is a short post, but... (i have no excuse)
Love you!!
Fay xx

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Using the BeautyUK palette in number 2! 

The gorgeous pearl eyeliner. 

The beautyUK liplust in playboy.

The BeautyUK palette in number 2. Sadly the photographs washed out the swatches!

So I recently got sent some products from BeautyUK. I have loved this brand for ages and I have purchased many of the palettes and blushes before. I was so thrilled to review their products!

The eyeliner, £3.49  - Has great staying ability, the colour is gorgeous and the metallic edge is amazing!
I love how the applicator is firm so makes it SO easy to apply. However the liquid does separate if you do one long stroke, however if you do small strokes to apply, this won't happen!

The liplust, £2.99 - I love the liplust, the colour is very wearable and pretty. It isn't sticky and stays on for a long time.

I had a great experience with this company, very very helpful and just lovely!
Definitely worth taking a look at the BeautyUK stand in your local superdrug and checking out the products!
Hope you enjoy them as much as me!