Thursday, 17 March 2011

Eyes - New "17" Mascara

Okay, so listen up people, I LOVE this Mascara!
My mum picked it up for me, just because I was complaining about my Natural collection big fake lash effect mascara (what a mouthful!) as it was good, but dried up SO quickly!!

So, I have never tried anything from "17" but after using this, I was so impressed so will probably branch out to more of their products without a doubt!

You can purchase it at Boots for £4.46 (bargain!)
You can build up the coats of mascara, it doesn't clump and separates the lashes beautifully!
I know I'm totally gushing about this mascara, but I'm just so happy I found the perfect Mascara, and I hope if you try it, you like it as much as I do!
Also, it's waterproof which is a bonus!

Hope you enjoyed this short post! x
P.S my laptop is working so expect more Blog posts :)

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