Sunday, 27 February 2011

Soldier Dress!

YAY My sister is AMAZING and picked me up the soldier dress from Primark, I lurveee it! <3

This was my Art GCSE final peice, I did a college on a corkboard of all things vintage/boho, it was a controlled test so I did it in about 8-10 hours :) I even used Zoella's blog design for a photo haha (middle bottom)

Those cookies were the best things ever. From the co-op... get some :P

Been looking at facial expressions for photography.. I look a miserable bitch hahaha

This is one of the images for my photography assignment. Body language + facial expressions, my friend Natalie is supposed to be a tramp, crying out for help.

So this weekend has been pretty fun, had the usual Friday night pizza night with Shane and Nat, always a laugh, and always fun to see Shane because he goes to a different college :)
On Saturday my sister came round.. and gave me the soldier dress! Although I don't think their soldiers, but I can't think of the word for them... whoopsie
Anyway, my sister Terri-Anne and my dad took me driving, was okay, wasn't too used to driving my sister's car but I got there in the end.
Then we went into our local town which is always a joy (sarcastic tone) lol. I came over feeling really sick.. I even turned down a McDonalds,, which is saying something ;)
Eventually we made our way over to my dads house where my step sister and her two children were there, Lily 3, and Harry just 5 weeks old. They are both gorgeous.
So today is Sunday, exactly 11:19, my laptop is definitely about to die anytime soon. I'm very surprised I'm here typing this right now haha, it's gorgeous outside, but typically, I've left my homework to the last minute so can't enjoy the sunshine.
Thinking of doing a Carrie Bradshaw hair + makeup tutorial on Youtube, what do you think?
I LOVE Sex And The City!!
I best get on with it, hope you enjoyed the post, take care!


  1. I love your photography! I'm doing GCSE art next year, it was good to see what you did for the controlled test, i really like it! XX

  2. i love the soldier dress with jeans!
    your photography is looking so good, especially the last picture xxx

  3. yeah do the tutorial! i loovvee the solider dress, but can never find anything good like that while i am in primark :( please check out my blog, only have 2 followers ;(

  4. i love this dress!
    how did you manage to tuck it into your trousers? when i attempt to try, it always appears awkwardly bumpy ahaha!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. Looove the soldier dress, its gorgeous! And your GCSE Art was amazing! I'm taking that too <3