Sunday, 20 February 2011

Vintage Jumpers/Cardigans

If you have watched any of my Youtube video's, you will know I love the vintage/bohoemian style! So I decided to snap a few shot's of my favourite vintage looking peices, hope you like!

             I bought this amazing jumper from Camden Market for £10
             I bought this flower jumper from a chariety shop for just £7
           I purchased this knitted cardigan from Camden for just £5
 This isn't reallyVintage, but it's quite unique and quirky, I purchased this from Primark, I have no idea on  the  price, sorry!
I bought this cute cardigan from a local boutique for £15

These items may not be to everyone's taste, but I love them! Never underestimate markets and chariety shops because you can honestly find the perfect little numbers ;)
And of coure you are helping chariety, so it's win win situation really!


  1. Oh, your post makes me want to go to Candem! haha
    The cardigan from Primark is very cute too! (: x

  2. i love your style! check out my blog ive only got one post atm but yeah haha ....


  3. I love vintage jumpers:) these are all super cute! Love your style <3 xx

  4. wow!! great post!!!!
    love it!!!!
    follow u of course!=D

  5. Hi, I watch your videos on youtube and will be visiting your blog ;) love your style

    Sorry for my English ;p


  6. Cardigans can be the perfect addition to an outfit...super cute!

    Liesl :)

  7. i like that last cardigan, its cute!

  8. hey where about in candem do you shop?xoxo